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Terms of Agreement: I hereby agree to be a part of an issue of Limitless Look Magazine. TERMS OF AGREEMENT. The Limitless Enterprise, LLC and I agree that this agreement shall be governed by the laws of, and enforceable only in Indianapolis, Indiana regardless of where either party resides. The parties consent to the exclusive jurisdiction and exclusive venue of Federal and State courts located in or contiguous to Marion County, Indiana. If either party fails to perform any term of this contract and the other party does not enforce that term, failure to enforce on that occasion shall not prevent enforcement of any other occasion. WARRANTY AND LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY. The Limitless Enterprise, LLC is not responsible for any loss or damage to property or false credit claims for submitted photos. PAYMENT. I understand that no compensation will be granted and photos submitted are at the discretion of The Limitless Enterprise, LLC. LIMITATION OF AGREEMENT. Unless otherwise provided, the services and benefits described in this agreement and earlier proposal are related solely to Limitless Look Magazine. The Limitless Enterprise, LLC may adjust such benefits, substitute benefits or provide other benefits with your approval. USAGE. I hereby grant The Limitless Enterprise, LLC a limited, non-exclusive license to use my name, trademarks, photos and other proprietary information owned by me (and my company, if applicable). The Limitless Enterprise, LLC agrees that the proprietary information will be used only in connection with the Limitless company and brand, provide the benefits set forth in the proposal and such other benefits as The Limitless Enterprise, LLC and I may agree. I also understand that The Limitless Enterprise, LLC has the right to not use what I submit for Limitless Look Magazine from photos to personal bios. Information is also subject to editing by The Limitless Enterprise, LLC as the company sees fit. SUBMISSION PROCESS. I understand the following: Photos are to be submitted via this form or mailed to PO Box 26636, Indianapolis, Indiana 46226. Photos should be of professional quality and with high resolution. Any submissions after the announced deadline can still be considered for future issues. NO OTHER WARRANTIES ARE GIVEN BEYOND THOSE SET FORTH IN THIS AGREEMENT. ORAL STATEMENTS, BY LIMITLESS ENTERPRISE EMPLOYEES OR OTHERS, DO NOT CONSTITUTE WARRANTIES, SHALL NOT BE RELIED UPON AND ARE NOT PART OF THIS AGREEMENT. *
Final Step: I understand to complete this application, I must email no more than three (3) high resolution photos to before 12am EST Friday, November 5th, 2016. *

Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of The Limitless Look Magazine. We wish you the freedom to be and the audacity to become LIMITLESS!