Parris Hobbs | Lead Hair Stylist

Parris Hobbs is the Key Hair Stylist for the Limitless Enterprise. An Indianapolis native, Hobbs has over 15 years of experience in the hair industry. She first fell in love with hair styling at a young age and got lots of practice by doing friends and family members’ hair.

While in high school, Hobbs completed a vocational training program for cosmetology and developed a specialty for extensions and hair weaving. Professionally, the stylist has worked in a number of customer service roles while always maintaining clientele for her hair services. She aims to be ahead of the latest trend and prides herself in being able to re-create celebrity styles and create her own. Some of her client favorites include custom wigs, gentle filling for alopecia for a natural appearance and sew-ins without abrasive glue.

As a mother of three boys (Rahmon, London and Jordan), Hobbs is a Master Barber Stylist licensed in the State of Indiana by attending Kenny’s Barber Academy in Indianapolis.


Parris Hobbs

Photo by: Jay Goldz