Michelle Hurley-Jewell | Business Mgr

Michelle Hurley-Jewell is a Licensed Barber who was an inspiration behind this brand. Mother of hair stylist (Parris Hobbs) and the founding makeup artist (Candice A. Jackson), she always taught her daughters the depth of inner and outer beauty.

When Candice began to tap into makeup artistry and beauty enhancement as a career, Ms. Jewell was her number one supporter. She would listen to her daughter’s ideas, allow her to practice makeup looks on her face and helped her financially to build her kit. It was her support that propelled Candice to tap into her dream.

When Michelle first became a barber, she noticed the power that was in her artistry. Enhancing her client’s appearance, she felt a connection to the confidence and pride that was displayed as she finished each style. From then on, she fell in love with the concept of helping others fall in love with themselves, over and over again. With the development of Limitless Enterprise, LLC, Jewell provides nearly 20 years of industry experience and aspires to build the Limitless Enterprise brand from the inside out.


Michelle Jewell

Photo by: Al Bracken Photography