Yes, I Use a Filter

Hello world! 

My name is Candice Jackson. I’m owner of The Limitless Enterprise. I work tirelessly in my role to explore my "freedom to be and audacity to become limitless” and strive to help others do the same.

By now, I hope you have had a chance to get acquainted with The Limitless Enterprise. We provide beauty services in Indianapolis at “The Limitless Look Beauty Studio.” We have a digital makeup-focused magazine called, “The Limitless Look.” We have now launched our utility tool belts called, “The Limitless Lips.”

I plan to do a lot more things, but that is not why I’m writing today. I am not coming to you as a makeup artist…  not as a writer… not as a designer… or even an entrepreneur. I am coming to you as a social media junkie to address the elephant in the room. While there are hash tags have made this a detestable act, I want to share with you that I, Candice A. Jackson, use a filter.

Let’s not be so judgmental, now. Allow me a chance to clarify. I don’t use a filter on EVERYTHING. My client pictures that I post on Instagram are raw. They come directly off the iPad or Galaxy. I just use filters on my selfies and on my personal social media posts. 


Why though?

Most of my life, I have sought to find a balance between sharing who I am and sharing who I feel the world can accept. It became a habit because I desire to make other people feel comfortable. As someone who is aware of my strengths and weaknesses, I am not always as confident in others to be as aware or accepting. 

For example, I have acne prone skin. I have hyper-pigmentation and existing breakouts. Covering these issues is why I grew to love makeup. However, most days of the week if I wear makeup it is for other people. People are not comfortable seeing me flawless one day with contoured perfection and then the next day, seeing me bare-faced with pimples. It gets a bit exhausting to see people scratch their faces where my blemishes are or make skincare recommendations on a whim. I don’t believe that people are trying to be hurtful when they do these things. They just are trying to help because it makes them uncomfortable. So, for them, I use a filter. Because I like the way it feels to appear close to perfect, I use a filter. 

I read a lot and have amazingly intelligent friends who share with me enlightening subjects. I study the things that interest me most. Makeup, philosophy, Black history, psychology and more. I also love music so I listen to everything from Anita Baker to Taylor Swift to Fetty Wap. As a matter of fact, since I do read such heavy material and engage in consistently challenging tasks, I find myself listening to my ratchet music more often than not. Am I less of a Christian for that? I don’t think so. Does this contradict the strong image that I am fighting to portray? Maybe. Am I a stereotypical video vixen that these guys rap about? Not at all. Can I relate to every lyric or even understand every word? Barely. 

I’m human though. I am a soon-to-be 29-year-old single, Black woman. I have feelings and want to express them. I usually don’t, however. I fear that people may not understand. So I filter what I post, thinking about my audience and who may not receive it correctly. 

Reason 145,239,000 why it took me so long to blog. I have so much to say and do, but have been using that good old filter to do so in a subtle fashion. I’m ready to live though and to let my words and thoughts live as well. For the sake of introduction, I must share that this is my first unfiltered selfie in a while. Stay with me throughout this journey. I’ll try and be more brief, but even more importantly we’ll explore a little differently. 

Thanks for reading!